Species in Focus: Nepenthes ampullaria

Species in Focus is a series of short posts about interesting species I’ve seen with tips on identification and where you can also see them. Today’s Species in focus is a fascinating tropical pitcher plant from South East Asia. Description: Nepenthes ampullaria like many plant species doesn’t really have a common name, although in Pitcher […]

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Sumatran tiger killed in snare

Residents living close to the Semidang Bukit Kabu protected forest in the Seluma regency have reported the death of a Sumatran tiger. Inspection of the body shows that the animal had been trapped in a snare. The Seluma police chief said they received a report from 38 year old Ridwan Fauzi who discovered the body […]

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Searching for reptiles in Bali

Bali has a rich diversity of reptiles and amphibians so I teamed up with Bali Reptile Rescue to look for species I have never seen before. Bali Reptile Rescue as its name suggests removes problematic snakes from people’s properties and relocates them to safer areas. I met up with Agus Putra in Ubud and from […]

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