Giant python eats man in Sulawesi (graphic!)

A large reticulated python (Malaypython reticulatus) has killed and swallowed a man in Salubiro, Karossa district, West Sulawesi, Indonesia.

25 year old Akbar was attacked and killed by the 7m (23ft) snake, whilst he was harvesting palm oil. He had been reported missing to the police 24 hours previously and whilst searching for him, villagers came across the snake near to Akbar’s palm oil plantation.

Some villagers claimed to have heard shouts from the plantation the night before. Growing suspicious, the villagers decided to kill and cut open the snake, which had clearly eaten a very large meal. Inside, they found the body of Akbar.

Large reticulated pythons would normally eat prey like wild boar, primates and dogs and whilst there are very few reliable reports of large constrictors actually eating people, this account would appear to be credible.

The following video and photographs are graphic and viewer discretion is advised.

[Photographer unknown]
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